Where You Can Find Free or Cheap Salvaged Timber

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Reusing timber bought from salvage yards is a nice way to reduce the amount of timber waste that may be destined for the landfills. But contrary to what some people might think, timber salvage yards are not the only source of salvaged timber — there are numerous places where this type of timber can be found. If you need to source salvaged timber for a particular DIY project, read on to find out where you can get free or cheap supplies.

From renovation and demolition contractors 

Every day, many remodelers and demolition companies tear down wooden structures and generate a lot of timber that their clients have no use for. If you can get in touch with a couple of renovation and demolition contractors in your local area and inform them that you need salvaged wood, they can gladly deliver the wood they salvage from various remodeling projects at your doorstep. All they might ask you to do is to foot the hauling bill. 

From the bush regeneration people

Bush regeneration typically involves the removal of weeds from bushlands to restore ecological balance. But it is not uncommon for some species of trees to be removed together with the weeds when bushlands are being restored. In Australia, camphor laurel trees are a good example of salvageable trees. When these trees are salvaged from the bushlands, they are usually replaced with native species. This helps minimise the negative impact of tree removal. 

If you live in a predominantly bushy area, you can talk to the bush regeneration people to provide you with any wood that is salvaged from the sites. You may need to assure them that you will put the wood into productive use.

From your private property

Your own property can be a source of salvaged timber. You can get the wood from an old wooden barn, broken wooden furniture, or that wooden yard fence that needs replacement — you just need to know where the timber you need will come from. Salvaging timber from your own property is a clever way to make the most out of the wood that already belongs to you. But before you can start wood-hunting on your property, you should first establish what you will need to look for.

There are lots of other places where you can find the salvaged timber that you need — all you need to do is simply think outside the box.


27 June 2017

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