The benefits of engraved signage

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Good signage is essential in every industry, it plays a vital role in business life. There is the sign outside your business that tells your customers where to find you, all the pay through to the individual signs on the different offices that tell people who works where and allow your business to operate efficiently. Without signs everything would be so much harder, and your business would struggle to operate at all.

There are lots of different ways of making signage. You could opt for painted signs, or for simple plastic signage, These types of sign are cheap to produce but they have a limited life expectancy. A more durable alternative is engraved signage. Engraved signs remain legible for many years and exude a sense of quality and professionalism in any environment. The technical precision that is possible with signage engraving allows the creation of signs that will complement any business, from a multi-national company headquarters to the coffee shop on your street corner.

A wide choice of designs

Many different metals and other materials can be engraved, and as the machinery used for signage engraving has become more advanced the amount of possible design complexity has also grown. Engraved signage is clear, crisp, permanent, and above all readable. Whatever design you choose you can be sure of a sign that will represent your company well .

Long lasting design

Signs which have been engraved will last a long time whatever environment you put them in. If you use an engraved sign on an outside door it is open to the ravages of the weather and may have to endure heat, cold, snow, rain, and perhaps even vandalism. A painted sign will not be able to endure these conditions for long without needing to be repaired or replaced. An engraved sign will last for many years, with perhaps only a little polishing to keep it bright and shiny.

Fast production time

Signage engraving used to be done by hand. It took a long time to create each sign with craftsmen carefully reproducing each letter. Today the same high quality results can be produced on a computerised production line. This reduces production time down to only a few minutes and makes engraved signage a possibility for every business. A modern signage engraving business can offer your company an extensive product range with signs for every budget and use, all produced to the same exacting quality standards.


10 July 2017

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