How to Improve the Abrasive Blasting Speed

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Many people are not aware that abrasive blasting takes twice the amount of time that painting the same surface would take. For many companies and individuals, efficacy in blasting is an issue of great of interest. Therefore, individuals are greatly interested in the speed at which work is performed. To improve the abrasive blasting speed, here are some of the measures that can be taken.

Have fewer media in the air stream

To improve the abrasive blasting speed, ensure that there are not too much media in the air stream. Having more media does not necessarily translate to more production. To boost the abrasive blasting production, attention needs to be given to the force which the blast media impacts the surface. Having more of the abrasive materials in the air stream will only lead to low air velocity hence reducing the force of the media. To have the right amount of media getting into the airstream, there is need to start with the flow at zero. From this, proceed and have the operator trigger the abrasive blast pot.

Do a proper selection of a compressor and nozzle

Having the right size and type of nozzle and compressor is necessary for effective abrasive blasting to happen. The abrasive blast nozzle and compressor work in synch. Having a larger abrasive blast nozzle means that a greater size of the compressor is required too. The kind of nozzle that one uses affects the performance. If you get a venturi style blast nozzle then you are guaranteed of better productivity compared to the short blast nozzle.

Opt for higher pressure

The pressure at which the abrasive blasting is carried out determines the speed at which one will blast and the depth of profile that is to be achieved. Check on your profile then chose the right pressure. For instance, when removing the coating, less pressure is required. However, when changing the substrate surface, more pressure will be necessary. Once you are aware of the pressure that you can safely blast at, to achieve maximum production ensure that the highest pressure possible is maintained during the abrasive blasting. Consider having a larger diameter hose if you are to achieve maximum pressure possible during the abrasive blasting process. Larger hose diameter is an assurance that less pressure will drop while doing the abrasive blasting.

Blast at an angle

To achieve maximum output from abrasive blasting, consider blasting at an angle rather than doing it perpendicularly to the product surface. During abrasive blasting, the media impacts on the surface and shatters or reflects off the surface. For those who want to blast perpendicularly, the media from the blast nozzle will collide with the surface, hence reducing the impact. Abrasive blasting at an angle achieves maximum output. 


16 October 2017

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