Construction Worksite Safety: Three Considerations for Netting System Selection

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There are numerous potential hazards in construction worksites. If these dangers are not addressed, they could translate into injuries and even fatalities for the workers and people around the area. Your company could also become burdened by legal and financial repercussions due to the incidents. Therefore, you should invest in protective equipment to prevent such accidents. One of the most beneficial systems that you should install is industrial safety netting. This device will serve as passive fall arrest and debris containment gear. Here are some critical factors to help you select the most suitable netting system for your construction site.

Specific Purpose

When shopping for a safety net for your construction workplace, you should consider the purpose of the system. In general, these products are intended for catch falling workers, preventing their injury. However, this device is also supposed to be a valuable asset for preventing debris from falling from the building to the ground. If your only goal for installing a net is to catch people, you should choose one with a wider mesh or large holes. This option is relatively inexpensive. If you wish to accomplish both purposes, you should get one with smaller mesh so that it will also contain debris. You should note that there are some wide mesh safety nets which come with liners to facilitate debris capture at a lower price.

Netting Construction

You should evaluate the type of material used to fabricate your preferred safety netting before purchase. There are different polymers which are used to manufacture the meshing. The choice will depend on your applications, preferences and budget. The typical options that you will find in the market include high-density polyethene, nylon and propylene. You should make a comparison of the properties against your future usage for ideal selection. You should remember to check the performance features of the netting, regardless of the material chosen. For example, UV resistance is critical if you will install the mesh outdoors. Flame retardant coating and mildew resistance can also be beneficial.

Anchorage Structure

You should check the anchorage systems for the safety netting before purchasing any product. Some specialised systems might be designed to only attach to particular types of building elements such as structural steel or concrete columns. In ideal circumstances, you should buy a netting system which comes with hardware and cables for attachment. This will allow you maximum flexibility when installing the gear in your worksites.

You should discuss the different safety netting systems available with your supplier for optimal results. 


27 October 2017

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