Have You Considered Metal Street Furniture?

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Are you investigating possible options for designing or purchasing street furniture? Do you need to arrange the purchase of some park benches, barriers, or bollards? If this is your position, you will probably be giving some thought to the advantages of different materials, including wood, metal and plastic. Each of these materials has its defenders, and there are reasons to consider each one for creating street furniture, but overall, sheet metal has the edge. It is stronger and will provide a longer service life in almost any climate.

Why sheet metal is the superior choice

Sheet metal is used today to create everything from cars to medical equipment. The versatility of sheet metal has seen it become an integral part of modern society, with the metal being cut and shaped into almost any desired product, including a wide variety of street furniture. Modern techniques for working with sheet metal, including profiling, punching, and laser cutting, are used in conjunction with fabrication services including spinning, rolling and braking to create the perfect finished product.

A good sheet metal fabrication company will be able to provide you with everything needed to create the ideal street furniture for your situation. They can make it all, from metal brackets, to a full tubular framework for your park benches using the latest tube cutting laser and full tube bending facilities to create the complex tubular structure which only requires the minimum of welding.

What finish will your street furniture need?

It's not just the creation of the metal framework for your street furniture you need to think about. Once the sheet metal fabrication is completed, you will need to consider what finish should be applied to the metal. You could choose a form of water-based paint, but many customers find it preferable to select electroplating or anodising. The most popular way of finishing fabricated metal remains powder coating, but the final choice will depend on exactly how the metal will be used.

Whichever finish you ultimately decide to use for your street furniture, you can be sure that the fabricated metal will provide strong, stable furniture which will give many years of active service in the most challenging of environments. Why not talk to your metal fabrication company today to see how they could help you produce quality street furniture that will enhance your location and provide a valuable resource that will be appreciated by local people long into the future?


15 November 2017

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