Customizations You Can Request When Ordering Wood Pallets

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There is a misconception that when you order wood pallets, you basically can choose the size and that is it. The truth is, there are several options you can choose from when you order a pallet from a wood supplier. Before you place your order, consider your project and the scope of that project. When you have your needs written down for your wood pallets, consider these customizable requests.


Pre-treated options are ideal if you have a wood pallet project that requires the wood to be waterproof. You can also get pre-treated wood that is treated not only for water resistance, but also for pest control. This treatment is similar to the one you can do at home yourself using a waterseal. It is not a stain and will not change the colour of your wood pallets. Keep in mind that this type of pre-treatment will cover the entire pallet, including the spaces between the wood and around the nails and hinges.

Weight Limits

You may have projects where weight is an issue. For example, you may be using the pallets to hold things like livestock grain and feed. You want the feed off the ground, but the weight may be too much for traditional pallets. For this reason, you need to order pallets that can withstand the ongoing weight limits you will be placing on them. You can generally order weight limits ranging from 1,000 pounds up to 3,000 pounds.

Pallet Design

There are several designs of wood pallets. These designs matter depending on what you want to do with the pallets. For example, an open slat design with spaces between each wood slat is ideal for raised garden beds and vertical gardening walls. A closed pallet, meaning there are no spaces between the wood slats, would be ideal for projects such as building crates or small storage boxes and sheds. You can order these pallets directly from the wood supplier.

These are only a few of the customizable options you can order from your wood supplier for wooden pallets. If you are ready to place your order, contact your local supplier for pricing and delivery options. They can also help you narrow down the best wood pallets to fit your project needs. If you aren't sure what type of pallet and customizations would be best for you, consider a consultation with the wood supplier for more information and details.


26 February 2018

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