Ways to Use Mailing Tubes for Your Craft Business

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Owning an online craft business means coming up with ways to ship your finished items to your customers. You may go with the common options of flat rate shipping boxes and envelopes. The truth is, there are other options that may be suitable for your craft business. One of the ways is to using mailing tubes. Before you overlook this option, here are some ways to use mailing tubes in your craft business.

Flexible Canvas Pieces 

If one of the items you carry in your craft store consists of flexible canvas, like needlepoint, then mailing tubes may be ideal. When you ship the completed canvas, you can simply roll it and place it into the tube. The tube will help protect the canvas itself and prevent damage during shipment from possible rips and tears that can occur to regular envelopes. You can also place smaller mailing tubes in the middle to help keep the canvas in a well-rounded form during shipment.

Multiple Small Pieces

If you sell items in sets that contain small pieces, then you may find mailing tubes are easier than boxes for the shipment. For example, you may sell wood toy sets such as toy cars or playsets. These items have smaller multiple pieces such as multiple cars, wood tracks or wood play dolls. You can place each item in the tubes securely with bubble wrap or packing material in between each item. This gives you a suitable shipping method for multiple pieces while keeping those pieces secure and safe from damage during shipment. You may also find that mailing tubes hold more items than a standard shipping box would.

Sewn Items

Your business may include hand-sewn items such as aprons, blankets and baby items. Though you may usually use a box for these items, mailing tubes may be more suitable. This is especially true if you are shipping multiple orders to one customer. For example, if a customer orders several baby blankets, you can layer the blankets, roll them and place them in the tube. This can save space and get all of the items to your customer in a cheaper shipping option that is equally secure to traditional shipping options.

These are only a few of the ways you can use mailing tubes instead of traditional, more common flat rate envelopes and boxes, for your craft business. If you think that mailing tubes will work well for your craft business, then consider the different sizes of tubes available for your business. Begin stocking up on the tubes so you will have them on hand when you are ready for shipping. 


12 December 2018

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