Commercial Shipping: Three Important Guidelines for Purchasing Pallet Cages

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Steel pallet cages are ideal for improving the safety of goods during shipping. In simple terms, commercial shipments are often exposed to unfavourable conditions during transportation. The use of a pallet cage will provide a superior shield against impact and rough handling. These units are also convenient for use around the warehouse because they can be moved using forklifts. Moreover, they can be stacked up for convenient storage. If you are interested in investing in the pallet cages for your operations, use these basic guidelines for selection and purchase.

Compare the Structures

When planning to use pallet cages, inquire about the different types of units available and their advantages. Keep in mind that these structures are available in differing designs, and the performance can vary in unique applications. If you understand the benefits of each, you will find the best match for your requirements. For example, if you are interested in only shipping using the cages, choose a transport cage. This unit is designed to withstand the challenges of transit. Alternatively, you can choose a multipurpose cage because it is suitable for both transportation and storage. Also, look into collapsible cages, especially if compactness is essential for needs.

Check the Specifications

Consider the specifications of the available pallet cages before selection. The technical details are critical for ensuring the best performance. The most crucial aspects to address are the size, shape and maximum weight capacity. The size and shape should be compatible with the specific loads that you intend to transport. Therefore, when shopping for the cages, make sure that you have this information on hand. If your items are of an awkward shape, think about the best cage configuration to match the shipment. The weight factor is crucial because overloading the cage could lead to accidents during transportation. You can avoid accidents by making sure that the capacity rating of your cage does not exceed your heaviest loads.

Consider the Costs

Finally, understand the cost of investing in pallet cages for effective planning. When shopping for the supplies, inquire about the cost of each type of unit according to the design, material, size and general rating. This consideration will help you in identifying the most economical choice for your business. If you are interested in a large number of cages, you might be able to negotiate for a discount. Therefore, check the options with your supplier. Also, keep in mind that customised pallet cages are more expensive. Where possible, opt for the standard stock available. 


24 August 2021

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