The Benefits of Using Formatubes: An Introduction

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There are many advantages to using Formatubes when constructing concrete structures. This article explains the advantages of using Formatubes when constructing concrete structures. Read on to find out more!

Better Quality Concrete

The casings can be used to facilitate the process of mixing sand and cement. This makes the mixing faster and more efficient, leading to a better quality of concrete for all construction projects, including utility line (water, gas, electrical, phone/cable) projects.

Environmental Benefits

Using Formatubes also means that less cement will be used when constructing any structure. This means less carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution will be emitted throughout the country and worldwide. This means construction projects can become more environmentally friendly thanks to this new method.

Increased Productivity

Using Formatubes allows for increased productivity during the manufacturing schedule as your team can quickly fill the tubes to create concrete pillars and supports. The method also eliminates delays (and associated expenses) caused by changes in weather conditions that are common with traditional construction methods.

Cost Savings

Formatubes help save time, resulting in cost savings since fewer man-hours are required during the fabrication process, thanks to this new method! Moreover, higher quality benefits lead to overall cost savings throughout the life cycle of a project.

Structural Integrity

Using formatubes allows for increased stability and structural integrity in precast concrete structures. The tubes themselves are cast into the concrete, resulting in the world's strongest joint, thus creating a powerful bond between castings. As such, all structures can withstand stress testing without failing, which makes them ideal for both new structures and the rehabilitation of old ones.

Time Savings

Now that there is no need to wait for the cement to dry/cure before starting the fabrication process, this saves time! Moreover, there is no need to wait for the concrete to cure with this new method. 

Uninterrupted Structures

Using formatubes prevents cracking throughout drying and curing stages thanks to reduced water content in resulting structures. This means that all structures will remain intact without any cracks developing at any stage during construction. This excellent benefit ensures an uninterrupted fabrication process and increased speed on-site.

Watertight Structures

Concrete structures created via this method are waterproof when completed. This ensures durability, which results in the increased service life of fabricated structures while also improving safety standards for workers involved in construction projects.

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17 January 2022

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