Building Your Home? Why Choose Steel Wall Frames And Roof Trusses

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If you're building your new home in a remote area of Australia, start with the right building materials. This is especially important where the wall frames and roof trusses are concerned. You might think that timber is the best option for wall frames and roof trusses, but that's not the case. There are some situations where timber is the best material, such as for suburban homes. But, when you're building in a remote location, you need to work with the most resistant material. That's where steel frames and trusses come into the picture. Read the list provided below. You'll find four important reasons to choose steel frames and trusses for your new home. 

Wind Resistant

During monsoon season, the winds can get quite bad in Australia. Because of that, you need a building material that is wind-resistant. That's where steel comes into the picture. Steel is one of the strongest building materials and can withstand wind damage. This is especially beneficial for the wall frame and roof trusses of your new home. 

Pest Resistant

If you're worried about pest damage, don't choose timber for the walls and roof trusses in your new home. Pests like carpenter ants, termites and rodents can do a lot of damage to timber. Unfortunately, that type of damage can be costly to repair. That's why you should choose steel wall frames and roof trusses for your new home. Steel is pest-resistant. That means the ants, termites and rodents can't chew through your home. 

Fire Resistant

If you're building your home in a remote location, you need to know that your home can withstand fire damage. After all, it can take a while to get first responders to a remote location when there's a fire. Not only that, you need to worry about bushfire season. One way to make your home more fire-resistant is to start with steel. Steel withstands high temperatures and open flames. That means the steel wall frame and roof trusses will protect your home during a fire. 

Rot Resistant

If you're building your home, you need to worry about heat and moisture damage. Heat and moisture can lead to timber rot, which can destroy your home. Luckily, steel is impervious to heat and moisture rot. That means your home is protected during extreme heat and during monsoon season. 

Don't take chances with the construction of your new home. Choose steel wall frames and trusses and reap the benefits described above. 


21 June 2022

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