What Makes Steel a Sustainable Choice for Your Building Construction Project?

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From the consumption of natural resources, such as water and energy, to solid waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions, the construction industry has a significant environmental impact. To help minimise the industry's environmental effects, you should prioritise sustainability when planning your building construction project.

Sustainable buildings help preserve natural resources and reduce waste generation and carbon emissions. They also help maintain good water and air quality. Using steel building products is a great way to promote sustainable construction.

Continue reading to learn why steel is a sustainable choice of building material for your project.

Steel is insanely strong

One of the main reasons why steel is sustainable is its incredible strength. Steel manufacturing requires adding carbon and other alloying elements, such as chromium, nickel and titanium, to iron to make it stronger. The resultant alloy steels are several times stronger than many structural building materials, like timber and concrete.

The superior strength of steel means you will require fewer material supplies to construct a structurally sound building, consequently preserving vital natural resources.

Steel is highly durable

Steel is an artificial building material that is unaffected by most environmental factors. It does not crack like concrete or warp and rot like wood. Insect damage is also a non-issue for steel.

Steel's biggest enemy is rust. However, the material usually undergoes specialised finishing processes to protect it against rust and ensure its longevity. The durable performance reduces the need to replace old buildings, minimising the demand for new building materials.

Plus, the low-maintenance nature of steel buildings translates to reduced demand for building maintenance products and supplies, further reducing the environmental impact of built structures.

Steel can be recycled

One of the best ways to increase sustainability in construction is to use recycled materials. Converting scrap steel into the same material of lower or higher quality helps conserve natural resources, protect natural habitats and reduce pollution. 

Depending on the quality of the used material, steel can be recycled infinitely without losing its initial qualities. In most cases, using steel building products translates to building with recycled content, which is good for the environment.

As the demand for new buildings increases, so does that for building materials. Choosing sustainable building materials like steel helps save the environment and also leads to lower building maintenance and operating costs.

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23 January 2023

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