How to Ensure Your Temporary Structures Are Protected from the Big Wind

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Certain parts of northern and western Australia are known for their blustery conditions that seem to affect this land year-round, but the situation can become a great deal worse whenever a cyclone rolls in from the open waters. If you are involved in a major construction project, you may be eyeing the forecast with some trepidation, as you're worried that you could suffer considerable losses through wind damage in one of these frightening events.

22 October 2018

3 Benefits of Turnkey Project Management for Starting Your Natural Health Business

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If you are starting a natural health business and studio, you likely have plans to house more than just supplements. You will want to have a small grocery area for fresh or refrigerated products and supplements. You will also want to have an area for massage therapy, small yoga classes, or small meditation spaces. In addition to these aspects, you will also want to have a storefront area that houses books and supplies.

31 August 2018

Make the Most of Your Refrigerator

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If you are fitting out a new kitchen for a restaurant, hotel, or other commercial venue then you have probably spent a lot of time planning the layout of the kitchen and where each of kitchen appliances are going to be located. You will have a clear idea of each piece of equipment you will need and what it will look like. You will need everything where it can be accessed quickly, and you will need the ovens and other appliances positioned in a logical order so you are not constantly carrying hot food back and forth across the room.

30 May 2018

4 Signs That You Should Automate Your Manufacturing Operations

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Do you own a manufacturing plant which largely depends on humans to operate? Read on and discover some of the factors you should discuss with an engineer regarding the components/functionalities which should be emphasised as the automation of your manufacturing processes is being designed. Damaged Raw Materials Humans can become tired and make mistakes, such as damaging raw materials or products. Such damage can cause the affected materials to be scraped or taken for reworking in order to fix the defects.

1 May 2018

How to Future Proof Embedded HMI

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Machine automation engineers now include embedded human machine interfaces (HMI) in new equipment in order to make it possible for those machines to communicate with other machines in the industrial internet of things (IIoT). However, the rapid changes in industrial technology can render many of those machines obsolete if deliberate measures aren't taken to future-proof the HMI. This article discusses some of the future-proofing options which design engineering professionals can implement to keep HMI relevant.

12 April 2018

Three Central Guidelines for Protecting Your Heavy Machinery

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Correct maintenance practices are critical for the efficiency and durability of your industrial heavy machinery. In general, if the upkeep of your equipment is neglected, the performance of the machines will decline. As a result, premature failure could occur, and the cost of replacement will be high. You should also note that proper care of heavy equipment ensures that they are safe for the workers on your site. If you have purchased new industrial or commercial machinery, you should consider using the below-outlined guidelines for effective maintenance and equipment protection.

19 March 2018

Customizations You Can Request When Ordering Wood Pallets

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There is a misconception that when you order wood pallets, you basically can choose the size and that is it. The truth is, there are several options you can choose from when you order a pallet from a wood supplier. Before you place your order, consider your project and the scope of that project. When you have your needs written down for your wood pallets, consider these customizable requests. Pre-Treated

26 February 2018