Three Central Guidelines for Protecting Your Heavy Machinery

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Correct maintenance practices are critical for the efficiency and durability of your industrial heavy machinery. In general, if the upkeep of your equipment is neglected, the performance of the machines will decline. As a result, premature failure could occur, and the cost of replacement will be high. You should also note that proper care of heavy equipment ensures that they are safe for the workers on your site. If you have purchased new industrial or commercial machinery, you should consider using the below-outlined guidelines for effective maintenance and equipment protection.

19 March 2018

Customizations You Can Request When Ordering Wood Pallets

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There is a misconception that when you order wood pallets, you basically can choose the size and that is it. The truth is, there are several options you can choose from when you order a pallet from a wood supplier. Before you place your order, consider your project and the scope of that project. When you have your needs written down for your wood pallets, consider these customizable requests. Pre-Treated

26 February 2018

Reasons Why Potential Car Buyers Should Buy Cars Glazed with Acrylic Glass

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If you own a car, then you should know that polycarbonate has made a name for itself in the automotive industry, especially for one of the most critical stages in the manufacturing process, automotive glazing. However, it is changing as acrylic plastic has grown in demand among automotive manufacturers for their glazing purposes. While acrylic has been used in various car applications such as ambient lighting and door entry strips, it is in the glazing department where the material's potential can be seen.

11 February 2018

How Well Can You Use a Power Drill?

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Home improvement projects are a great opportunity to save money, especially when you can do them yourself. You don't need to hire a specialist for everything that goes wrong in your basement. For instance, sealing small cracks is an easy task if you have the right materials at hand. You need to do a bit of drilling, cleaning the crack with a wire brush and applying the sealant. A power drill is a handy tool when doing such projects.

25 January 2018

Safety Tips When Cleaning Molasses Storage Tanks

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Molasses tanks come in different shapes and sizes as well as constituent materials. Whichever type of tank you have in your average-sized mill, cleaning the container is a critical part of producing quality molasses. However, there have been cases of accidents and even death of staff during molasses tank cleaning exercises. While the nature of molasses is harmless, subtle aspects might pose a significant danger to cleaning staff. Tips provided in this article highlight ways your team can improve safety when cleaning molasses storage tanks.

11 January 2018

How to Prevent Debris From Getting Into Your Water Pump

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Unfortunately, water pumps can get clogged with dirt or debris, and that can cause the pump to stop working correctly. To keep your pump working at full capacity, you need to keep it free of dirt and debris. Let these tips help you. 1. Make Sure Connections Are Tight On a regular basis, you should check how hoses and other elements are connected to your pump. If those connections are crooked or not secure, debris can sneak in through the cracks.

3 January 2018

Three tips for safely operating a car lift in an industrial facility


Many car manufacturers have car lifts in their facilities. Here are three safety tips which employees of such facilities should keep in mind when using this piece of equipment. Do not exceed the lift's maximum weight limit Most car lifts have a maximum weight limit. When an employee is tasked with using a car lift to transport a vehicle from one part of a facility to another, it is important for them not to overload the lift to the point where the equipment's weight limit is exceeded.

17 December 2017