Three tips for safely operating a car lift in an industrial facility


Many car manufacturers have car lifts in their facilities. Here are three safety tips which employees of such facilities should keep in mind when using this piece of equipment. Do not exceed the lift's maximum weight limit Most car lifts have a maximum weight limit. When an employee is tasked with using a car lift to transport a vehicle from one part of a facility to another, it is important for them not to overload the lift to the point where the equipment's weight limit is exceeded.

17 December 2017

A Closer Look At Accessible Handrails: 9 Points To Consider

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A stainless steel handrail is an essential provision when creating accessible spaces; however, the finer points of inclusive design are often overlooked or not fully understood. By adhering to the guidelines listed below, you can be sure that you have done all that you can to provide safe and accessible handrails in and around your building: Handrails On Both Sides of the Stairs  Disabled people may have a weaker side of their body, as is often the case with stroke survivors, making handrails on both sides of all staircases a necessity.

30 November 2017

Have You Considered Metal Street Furniture?

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Are you investigating possible options for designing or purchasing street furniture? Do you need to arrange the purchase of some park benches, barriers, or bollards? If this is your position, you will probably be giving some thought to the advantages of different materials, including wood, metal and plastic. Each of these materials has its defenders, and there are reasons to consider each one for creating street furniture, but overall, sheet metal has the edge.

15 November 2017

Construction Worksite Safety: Three Considerations for Netting System Selection

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There are numerous potential hazards in construction worksites. If these dangers are not addressed, they could translate into injuries and even fatalities for the workers and people around the area. Your company could also become burdened by legal and financial repercussions due to the incidents. Therefore, you should invest in protective equipment to prevent such accidents. One of the most beneficial systems that you should install is industrial safety netting. This device will serve as passive fall arrest and debris containment gear.

27 October 2017

How to Improve the Abrasive Blasting Speed

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Many people are not aware that abrasive blasting takes twice the amount of time that painting the same surface would take. For many companies and individuals, efficacy in blasting is an issue of great of interest. Therefore, individuals are greatly interested in the speed at which work is performed. To improve the abrasive blasting speed, here are some of the measures that can be taken. Have fewer media in the air stream

16 October 2017

5 Tips to Help Your Small Community Pay for a Bridge or Other Civil Structure

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If you are the manager of a small town, you likely have limited resources to take care of all your community's needs. When you have to put up a civil structure such as a bridge, things can be especially taxing. To help you figure out the most effective ways to manage your project, take a look at these ideas: 1. See If You Can Cover the Cost With Highway Funds

19 August 2017

4 Common Safety Hazards Associated with Welding Jobs

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Acquainting yourself with safety risks associated with welding jobs is the first and most important step towards ensuring welding safety. Here is a breakdown of common safety hazards associated with welding projects and what can be done to prevent them. Electric shock Electric shock from high voltages is one of the immediate and most dangerous hazards facing a welder. Electric shock, also known as electrocution, can happen when a welder touches a bare wire or a metal component of the welding equipment that has "

15 August 2017

The benefits of engraved signage

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Good signage is essential in every industry, it plays a vital role in business life. There is the sign outside your business that tells your customers where to find you, all the pay through to the individual signs on the different offices that tell people who works where and allow your business to operate efficiently. Without signs everything would be so much harder, and your business would struggle to operate at all.

10 July 2017

Three Factors That Affect Metal Cutting Tool Life

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Inexperienced metal fabricators may wonder why their metal cutting tools wear out much faster than similar tools that are used by experienced fabricators. This article discusses the factors that determine how quickly a cutting tool will wear out. Use this information to design a metal cutting plan in order to minimise the impact of the forces that cause premature tool wear.  Adhesion Wear Adhesion wear refers to the wear that results when microscopic fragments of a work-piece become welded onto the cutting tool when high temperatures are generated during the cutting process.

30 June 2017

The Many Benefits Of PVC Doors And Strip Curtains

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PVC doors offer a versatile, affordable and robust way to protect and access your property. Whether you are replacing your existing PVC door or you are choosing PVC for the first time, there are many benefits to choosing this revolutionary material for your home or business.  A Weatherproof Solution PVC doors are possibly the most weatherproof doors you can buy on the domestic door market. They are able to withstand all the elements throw at them throughout the year, and they are able to keep chills and draughts out thanks to the sealing gaskets fitted around the entire frame of the door.

27 June 2017