Screw Piles: Four Planning Precautions for Foundation Construction

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Screw piles are favoured in foundation construction because of the convenience of installation in comparison with other materials. For instance, the piling eliminates the need for spoil removal. Also, dewatering is not required, and vibration during placement is minimal. Besides, the performance of screw piling is exceptional for most applications. However, the quality of installation will influence the benefits of this foundation type. Consider these guidelines when planning for screw pile usage.

28 May 2021

DIY Welding: Your Ultimate Guide to The Right Welding Electrode

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The electrode is one of the most significant parts of a welding machine. It's usually a coated metal wire made of the same materials as the metal you're welding, and it melts during the welding process, making it possible to join different metal pieces together. If you are in the market for welding electrodes, the selection process won't be as straightforward, especially if you are not a professional. You must consider many factors to find the best alternative for your welding needs.

30 March 2021