Four Concrete Floor Coating Products For Chemical Resistance

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Unsealed or uncoated concrete is an extremely porous material that is susceptible to chemical damage. If you have a concrete floor that needs to resist chemicals, consider applying a coating. These coatings can provide excellent chemical resistance while protecting the existing concrete surface. Here are four types of concrete floor coating products that can help protect your concrete floor from chemicals: 1. Acid-Based Sealers These sealers work by penetrating deep into the pores of your concrete flooring and filling them with a layer that protects against staining and other damage caused by harsh chemicals.

11 May 2023

What Makes Steel a Sustainable Choice for Your Building Construction Project?

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From the consumption of natural resources, such as water and energy, to solid waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions, the construction industry has a significant environmental impact. To help minimise the industry's environmental effects, you should prioritise sustainability when planning your building construction project. Sustainable buildings help preserve natural resources and reduce waste generation and carbon emissions. They also help maintain good water and air quality. Using steel building products is a great way to promote sustainable construction.

23 January 2023